REPORT: Trump Lied About How Much He Paid For Melania Trump’s Engagement Ring


President Donald Trump told a New York Times reporter in 2005 that the London-based Graff Diamonds retailer removed $1 million off the price tag for Melania Trump’s oversized engagement band, which carries a diamond that weighs more than 10 carats.


However, Graff Diamonds executives  just told Forbes that Trump paid full price for the ring — which reportedly retailed at $1.5 million — despite his claim in a 2005 New York Times interview that he got a $1 million discount in exchange for publicity.

“Only a fool would say, ‘No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond,'” Trump said at the time.

A second source familiar with the engagement ring purchase said Trump flat-out lied to the Times reporter. “He paid for (the ring) in full, and he paid immediately,” the person said.The White House did not immediately respond to emailed questions from the Daily News. The First Lady’s spokeswoman declined to comment.


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