REPORT:Trump Wants Jared And Ivanka To Return To New York City


According to Vanity Fair, President Donald Trump is looking for a way to send hisdaughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner back to New York.


“He keeps pressuring them to go,” a source close to Kushner told Vanity Fair. Trump is pressing the move so the couple’s “brand” can avoid further damage inflicted by negative press coverage from the political scene. The suggestion comes as pressure mounts on the Trump administration from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Kushner, once charged with enhancing government efficiency, improving relations with China, solving the opioid crisis, and solving the Middle East crisis, also now has fewer responsibilities and less autonomy in the West Wing under chief of staff John Kelly’s leadership.

“Kelly has clipped his wings,” a Republican figure in contact with the White House told Vanity Fair.

Earlier this month, Vanity Fair reported that Trump was dissatisfied with the advice he had received from Kushner.



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