Republican Governor Eric Greitens Accused of Unwanted Sexual Advances & Abuse in Government Report


Three months after Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens confessed to having an extramarital affair with his hairstylist in a joint statement with his wife, Sheena.










He  has been accused in a government report of hitting the hairstylist and coercing her into performing a sexual act.

Greitens denies the accusations.

In the report, which was released on Wednesday, the hairstylist testified that she met Greitens in 2013, and that he went on to became a regular client. She said at first she thought he was “the perfect guy,” and admitted that she had “somewhat of a crush” on him.

The woman claimed that on March 7, 2015, Greitens touched her without her consent “all the way up to [her]crotch” during an appointment. Despite this, she said she agreed to come over to his house later that month.

In the report, the woman said she then changed into a set of clothes that Greitens provided for her, which she noted she thought would be used during a “sexy workout.”

However, after the pair went to the basement, she testified that he blindfolded her, taped her hands to a set of pull-up rings, pulled her pants down and took a compromising photograph of her, which she claimed he said he would make public if she ever revealed what had happened between them.

The Missouri governor’s attorney, James F. Bennett, previously denied that Greitens had taken the photograph or blackmailed the woman.

“There was no blackmail, and that claim is false,” Bennett said in a statement Greitens shared on social media. “This personal matter has been addressed by the governor and Mrs. Greitens privately years ago when it happened. The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these almost three-year-ago events are false.”



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