Republican Senator Breaks With Trump, Says He Doesn’t Want His Kids To ‘Act Like Trump’


Senator James Lankford (R-OK) is one of the few Republicans who is not ready to be corrupted by President Donald Trump’s lifestyle. Lankford, a former youth pastor from a Southern Baptist church in Oklahoma have criticized Trump’s behavior.










Lankford said that he did not consider Trump to be a “role model” for his own children. He said, “I don’t consider the President a role model for my kids.” He added, “I don’t want my kids to speak the way that he speaks, or to make some of the choices.”

He continued, “I don’t tweet that way. I don’t interact with people that way. I don’t treat my staff the same way.” Lankford made clear he was not shocked by any of the President’s behavior in office, not because it was acceptable, but because Trump made clear who he was during the campaign.

He said, “It was pretty clear during the campaign there were different moral issues, and we have different lifestyle choices that we have made personally.” He did throw the President a bone, commenting that he is more of a role model in business and in his “deal-making.”

In his interview, Lankford said:

“I said during the Clinton administration the same thing I say now: An individual’s personal life does matter. It shows you evidence of what they’re going to be like.”



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