Republicans Are On The Verge Of Passing A Bill That Will Make Mass Shootings Even More Dangerous


The United States of America may have suffered  the deadliest mass shooting in the country’s history, but the Republicans are still moving forward with a bill that will make it easier for people to buy firearm suppressors.


According to the San Francisco, reports that House Republicans most likely have enough votes to repeal 80 years of federal regulations preventing the purchasing of silencers.

But in reality, “What [a suppressor]does is it disperses the sound, so you can’t identify where the sound is coming from,” Democratic Rep. Mike Thompson explained to the Chronicle. “It puts both law enforcement and the public at risk.”

In March, NPR also voiced similar concerns:

“This act is reckless,” says David Chipman, a senior policy adviser at Americans for Responsible Solutions and a retired 25-year veteran of the ATF. “And it’s a threat to public safety.”

Chipman describes himself as a sportsman and gun owner. And he says that guns don’t sound like guns when a suppressor is being used. They also reduce the flash at the end of a muzzle.

In combination, he says, a silencer could confuse the police or the public during a shooting and allow “an active shooter to not give away their location.”

The bill is also supported by Donald Trump Jr, who says “It’s a health issue for me. It’s just a great instrument. There’s nothing bad about it all. It makes total sense. It’s where we should be going.”

The main bill is even worse. There is language that makes it easier for people to conceal weapons.

For now, the Republicans have postponed the bill’s vote. While this was most likely done because of the terrible optics, it would be nice to believe that Republicans would live up to their belief that “all lives matter” and will let the bill die.



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