Republicans TURN Against Trump For The First Time: You Can’t Believe THIS


Justin Amash (R-MI) is  one of the very few Republicans who had criticized the egregious misdeeds of his party’s president after inauguration.


Amash has taken his criticism to another level. We are excited this time because  Republicans are talking impeachment. “The allegations reportedly contained in the memo are incredibly serious. Mr. Comey also needs to testify in open session ASAP. ”

Amash said  about revelations from Comey that Trump had asked him to halt an investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s dealing with Russia:

Amash said simply, “Yes, ” when asked if supports the impeachment process of Trump.

.”I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey,” he said.

Congressman Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) shared the sentiment with Don Lemon on CNN.  “If it is obstruction of justice, if it is, is that an impeachable offense for you?” Lemon asked Curbelo.

“Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense,” Curbelo said.

“This daily dose of controversy of scandal of instability is bad for the government, and I think it’s also very taxing on the American people,” he added.

“The American people are quickly losing the trust and confidence in our government.”




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