Sally Yates just ripped Donald Trump to shreds and issued This Dire Warning in new interview


Sally Yates is back and she just opened up about her brief experience in the nascent Trump administration, and her abrupt, unceremonious departure.










“Elections have consequences,” she told The Times during one its regular TimesTalks on Tuesday, “and I think you have to expect in a change in administrations, a change in party, that there are going to be policy decisions that are made that you don’t think are a good idea.”

“What worries me more than any of that,” she continued, “is the relentless attack on democratic institutions and norms, and the impact that can have on our country not just during the term of a Trump presidency, but in the years to come as well.”.

When the rotted structure that is the Trump presidency finally burns to the ground and historians examine the ashes, Sally Yates will be remembered as the one who lit the match.

Yates was an Obama appointee to the Justice Department, and she had the thankless task of serving as acting Attorney General in the days after the inauguration of President Trump while incoming AG Jeff Sessions awaited confirmation by the Senate.


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