Saturday Night Live: The Most Memorable Cameos Of The Trump Era


These guys nailed President Donald Trump.  With Matt Damon taking on the role Brett Kavanaugh, Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer, and Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump playing Trump cabinet cameos on Saturday Night Live, you cannot get enough of their acts.


Alec Baldwin has played Trump, Beck Bennett as Vice-President Mike Pence, Aidy Bryant as press secretary Sarah Sanders, and utility player Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, Rudy Giuliani, Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions.

Watch Trump-era celebrity cameos SNL has given us so far:

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer

Melissa McCarthy  turn as Sean Spicer, a gum-chewing former press secretary – whose ineffectual lying, constant fumbling and poor sartorial choices made him a marked man from day one – drew massive attention and praise.

John Goodman as Rex Tillerson

John Goodman joined Alec Baldwin during 2016’s Christmas episode to play silver-haired oil magnate and then incoming secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump had actually been played by a couple of different guest stars, including Emily Blunt and Margot Robbie, before Johansson took on the role and made it her own, most memorably in the scathing perfume commercial parody Complicit (“I bet when she watches Titanic she thinks she’s Rose … sorry girl, you’re Billy Zane”) which, according to former Trump confidante Omarosa Manigault Newman, had a devastating effect on the real Ivanka Trump.

Jimmy Fallon as Jared Kushner

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon  played Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner. Taking up as his go-to costume the flack vest/blazer combo that has caused Kushner an endless amount of ridicule since he was first photographed wearing it while touring Iraq in April of 2017, Fallon’s “Kushball” is an alternately silent and Mickey-Mouse voiced patsy, all fashion and no function.


Bill Hader as Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci – the Wall Street hustler lasted 11 days as the White House communications director before his profane candor got him axed –Bill Hader, always adept at playing high-wire oddballs, managed to do a good job of it.

Ben Stiller as Michael Cohen and Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller

Aside from McCarthy as Sean Spicer, Ben Stiller’s portrayal of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and recent admitted felon, has proved the most memorable recurring guest spot by a celebrity in the role of a Trump ally (turned enemy).

Martin Short as Dr Harold Bornstein

The second of the three aforementioned Cohen sketches featured the most celebrity cameos of any Trump segment to date, including Stiller as Cohen, Johansson as Ivanka, Fallon as Kushner, Stormy Daniels as herself and a brief turn from Martin Short (disguised but still distinguishable in a long wig and fake beard) as Trump’s eccentric personal physician, Dr Harold Bornstein. Short steals the scene with his over-the-top antics, giving us a Jerry Lewis-inspired interpretation of the shady doctor.

Matt Damon as Brett Kavanaugh

The answer to the question on viewer’s minds before last week’s season opener – who will they get to play Brett Kavanaugh? – ended up being Matt Damon. Damon was all shouts and sniffles as he sparred loudly with Democratic senators, showed off his decades-old calendars and talked about his love of beer. An entertaining enough performance on its own, there was nothing specific to it, and it falls on the lower end of memorable celebrity portrayals of Trump associates. Also, the writing took pains to avoid mentioning the disturbing allegations of sexual assault leveled against Kavanaugh, which is understandable, but which also made the sight of Damon chugging beer while delivering the iconic “Live from New York!” introduction feel a little gross.


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