Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Just Found A Half-Million Payment From RUSSIAN Oligarch To Michael Cohen


Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti is not going to spare any moment to hit President Donald Trump hard where it hits him most.










This time he has  suggested that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, may have received money for the infamous hush money payoff of Stormy Daniels from a firm by a Russian oligarch and linked to Vladimir Putin.

Avenatti suggested that Cohen may have been reimbursed for his $130,000 payout to Daniels with these Russian funds.

Trump had denied the payment but when his new lawyer, former mayor Rudy Giuliani, went on Fox News and confessed that Trump had reimbursed Cohen for the hush money payment to Daniels.

Also, Avenatti has not rule out the possibility that payments were made to silence other women. The account under Essential Consultants, LLC used by Cohen for the payment has been  recently released by Avenatti.

Avenatti’s report states, “Mr.  Cohen  inexplicably  accepted  these  payments  while  he  was the  personal  attorney  to  the  President  and  holding  himself  out at  times  as  employed  by  the  Trump  Organization (with  few  other  clients).”

It continues, “This  was occurring at the same  time  significant  questions  were being raised relating to (a)  the  involvement  of Russia and Vladimir Putin in the 2016 Presidential  Election and (b) the extent of the relationship between Mr. Putin and Mr. Trump.”


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