Susan Collins’ “yes” announcement on Kavanaugh is already coming back to haunt her in the best way


Republican Senator Susan Collins revealed that she was saying ‘Yes’ to the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


Collins announced her decision in a long-winded and stunningly cynical speech in which she deplored the use of “dark money” to attempt to sway Senators to vote against him, completely ignored the fact that the Judicial Crisis Network, which spent $12 million dollars in support of Kavanaugh, is entirely funded by billionaire dark money.

In particular, she’s been furious about the campaign to fund her 2020 Democratic opponent, which has raised $2 million dollars to use against her if she voted for Kavanaugh — which she condemned as a “bribe” despite herself having raised $21 million over the course of her own career.

If she didn’t like it before, she’s going to hate hearing that the fundraising website for the CrowdPac campaign has crashed because so many people are rushing to donate:

But if you’d like to express your anger, you can still donate here:

We’d like to think that money would have been used to fund her opponent anyway — but the most important thing we can do now is run these abuser-enabling sycophants out of office so we can finally begin to piece this country back together.



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