Terminally Ill John McCain Savages ‘Appalling’ Donald Trump In ‘Farewell’ Message In His Memoir


Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) voice has been heard in the United States Senate for more than three decades.


Currently, McCain is fighting against brain cancer. McCain soon to release his memoir, titled “The Restless Wave.” NPR released an excerpt of the book where McCain offers a scathing critique of President Donald Trump.

McCain takes on Trump’s treatment of the media and the refugees. “His reaction to unflattering news stories, calling them ‘fake news’ whether they’re credible or not, is copied by autocrats who want to discredit and control a free press.”

McCain also addresses Trump’s treatment and discussion of refugees saying, “The way he speaks about [refugees]is appalling, as though welfare or terrorism were the only purposes they could have in coming to our country.”

President Trump railed against refugees during his campaign, fostering fear of people coming to the United States to escape war in their own countries, particularly Syrian refugees. Since taking office Trump, has dramatically reduced the number of refugees allowed to enter the United States and has attempted to ban travel from several Muslim majority countries, including Syria.

He admits he is “not sure what to make of President Trump’s convictions.” He adds, “He threatened to deliberately kill the spouses and children of terrorists, implying that an atrocity of that magnitude would show the world America’s toughness.”

The majority of “The Restless Wave” is about the Senator’s take on several major political issues in the recent past, including the Iraq War, but he does not refrain from commenting on the current state of politics in Washington, D.C.



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