Texas Gunman’s in-laws Frequented church where HE SLAUGHTERED 26 people


The gunman Devin Patrick Kelley behind the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history appears to have a connection to the church . He had in-laws who attended the church he targeted, the local sheriff said.









“We know that his ex- in-laws or in-laws came to church here from time to time,” Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt told CNN Monday. “They were not here yesterday. So we don’t know why he actually showed up yesterday.”

Kelley burst into the sanctuary of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, killing 26 people — including children. The massacre left about 4% of the small town’s population dead. And virtually no one at the church was left unscathed, Tackitt said.

The pastor was out of town when the shooting occurred, but his daughter, 14-year-old Annabelle Pomeroy, was at the church and was killed, her mother Sherri Pomery said.

“We lost more than Belle yesterday, and the one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that Belle was surrounded by her church family that she loved fiercely, and vice versa,” Sherri Pomeroy said.

“Now most of our church family is gone. Our building is probably beyond repair. … As senseless as this tragedy was, our sweet Belle would not have been able to deal with losing so much family.”



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