‘Thanks, Obama!’ Spicer Blames Pres. Obama for Not Vetting Michael Flynn


White House press secretary Sean Spicer attempted to shift blame to the Obama administration again, by saying that the Obama administration should have vetted Michael Flynn, Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser.

“General Flynn was a career military officer who maintained a high-level security clearance throughout his career in the military,” Spicer said. “His clearance was last reissued by the Obama administration in 2016 with full knowledge of his activities that occurred in 2015, as you point out. So the issue is, he was issued a security clearance under the Obama administration in the spring of 2016.”

Spicer basically admitted that the Trump team didn’t vet Flynn themselves, just relied on the security clearance issued under the Obama administration — which eventually fired Flynn.

When reporters asked Spicer if he was saying the Obama administration was to blame for the whole controversy, Spicer tried to backtrack, saying his point was to make sure people understand “how the process works.”


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