The Sad Reason: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Won’t Invite Barack Obama To Royal Wedding


It is barely four months to go before the royal wedding and it has been reported that Prince Harry will not invite his friend Barack Obama.  However,  the newly-engaged couple will no doubt be whittling down their wedding guestlist, ensuring that their best friends (including Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams for Markle) make the cut, as well as royal dignitaries, politicians and relatives from further afield.


‘President Trump will not be invited because the wedding will be for friends and family only,’ a source told the publication.

‘It won’t be a state occasion. If Mr Obama was invited, the invitation could look like a snub to Mr Trump, and His Royal Highness would not wish to cause a diplomatic row,’ the sourced added, months after Barak and his wife Michelle congratulated Harry and Meghan on their engagement.

An invitation for Obama would undoubtedly have ruffled some feathers with the Republican President who recently cancelled a scheduled visit to London next month to open the new £750 million US embassy.

The president claimed on Twitter that the reason for calling off the trip was his displeasure at Barack Obama having sold the current embassy for ‘peanuts’

‘Bad deal,’ he wrote.


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