The two women reporters who Trump attacked today just teamed up to school him


President Donald Trump openly displayed the world what a deeply misogynistic leader he is by disrespecting  two women reporters during a press conference.


The president said to one, “I know you’re not thinking. You never do.”

The second reporter was treated to Trump speaking over when she tried to follow up on his comments. He told her she’d “had enough” before refusing to respond to her.

It’s not enough for Trump to verbally berate women, he feels a need to elevate an accused sexual predator to the nation’s highest court. It’s a disgusting maelstrom of toxic woman-hating and it will end up inflicting generational damage on our democracy.

Now, the women have taken to Twitter to hit back. ABC‘s Cecilia Vega pointed out that a news conference is intended for reporters to ask whatever questions they have and that it’s protected by the First Amendment.

These women should be commended for remaining steadfast in the face of unprecedented attacks from the White House. We need brave journalists like them to help our country survive the dire times we find ourselves in.



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