This Trump Appointee Blames HACKERS, not him, For Calling Obama’s mom a ‘[email protected]!re’


President Donald Trump’s appointee to a Department of Energy post, William C. Bradford says the inflammatory comments that appeared to have been made by him online were the result of “cyber attacks and Internet crimes” committed against him over the past several years by “imposters in social media.”


He made the claim in response to significant evidence uncovered by CNN’s KFile that suggests an account on the online commenting service Disqus belongs to him. The account was made private earlier this year but is linked to Bradford through the Google cache. The user commented on articles written by Bradford and made clear references to being the author of the articles. In one comment, the account directed a fellow commenter to contact him at Bradford’s email address and phone number.


Many of the comments left by the account mirror what Bradford has said publicly. The user also made multiple references to joining the Trump administration and referenced key details that match up with Bradford’s biography.

In the comments section of a September 2016 article on the conservative new site Daily Wire, the Disqus user wrote: “Well, it is a fact: Obama is the son of a fourth-rate p&*n actress and [email protected]!re.” The comment is an apparent reference to an unfounded right-wing conspiracy that Obama’s mother posed for nude photos and perhaps a reference to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte calling Obama a “son of a whore.”

Bradford told CNN’s KFile in an email from his personal account on Monday: “I cannot comment on an ongoing federal investigation into multiple cyber attacks and Internet crimes committed against me over the past several years, to include email intrusions, hacking, and impostors in social media.”



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