This Trump Spokeswoman Just Blamed Obama For Terrorism


A Trump spokeswoman, Kayleigh McEnany just accused the former president, Barack Obama for terrorism, and it is not funny.

McEnany told a CNN panel that the former president was playing golf when American-Israeli journalist Daniel Pearl was murdered by terrorists. She said that Obama neglected his duty to play golf.
In 2002, Obama wasn’t even the president but a Senator but an Illinois’s state senator. This lady didn’t even bother blaming Trump for regularly playing gold, instead blaming Obama who wasn’t even a president then.

McEnany said,”You have President Obama who, after the ― I believe it was after the beheading of Daniel Pearl ― spoke about how upset he was and then rushed off to a golf game.”
The president of the day was George W. Bush when the murder happened. Pearl was working as a pressman for the Wall Street Journal; he was abducted while he was on an assignment in Pakistan.
Pearl was executed when the terrorists who held him were unable to be located by the U.S intelligence. His remains were brought home later to America.
McEnany wanted something to hit Obama with, and she used this annoying reason that is very sensitive. This manipulation is pathetic and is disgusting.
Before the terrorists beheaded Pearl, he was forced to talk about the American foreign policy and stated that he was a Zionist to spread the anti-Semitism among the terrorists.
The death of Pearl is a painful one!

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