Top GOP Donor Says, ‘I Will Not Write Another Check’ Until GOP Candidates Support Assault Weapons Ban


Al Hoffman Jr., a top GOP donor, gave Republicans the ultimatum today: support gun control or no more checks.


“It’s the end of the road for me,” he told The New York Times. “For how many years now have we been doing this — having these experiences of terrorism, mass killings — and how many years has it been that nothing’s been done?”

Hoffman’s decision comes in response to the Parkland, Florida school shooting, where 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz killed 17 people with an AR-15. He purchased the firearm legally.

Hoffman hopes that he’ll start a movement in the Republican Party. “Enough is enough!” he declared. “I will not write another check unless they all support a ban on assault weapons.”

Hoffman isn’t a small-time donor. He’s contributed millions to Republican candidates, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and his brother, former President George W. Bush.

He also isn’t the only Floridian angry with the Republican party. After the shooting, survivors and activists, including survivors from the Valentine’s Day shooting,  gathered in Fort Lauderdale to protest against the National Rifle Association and President Trump.

“To every politician who is taking donations from the NRA, shame on you,” Emma Gonzalez, a student who survived the Florida shooting, said. “The people in the government who are voted into power are lying to us. And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and our parents to call bs.”


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