Trump’s Top Strategist Just Quit And Wrote This Brutal Open Letter To Trump Voters


The former head of a pro-Trump Super PAC abandoned the sinking ship that is the Trump team by penning an essay on how she had lost faith in Donald Trump. Stephanie Cegielski, a strategist and communications specialist, who was hired to run the Make America Great Again Super PAC over the summer, came to realize that Trump is fundamentally unfit and unprepared to be president.

Cegielski’s open letter appeared on xojane. She describes in painstaking detail how she came to be disillusioned by the Trump campaign and the candidate himself. Choice quotes include:

The hard truth is: Trump only cares about Trump. … The man does not know policy, nor does he have the humility to admit what he does not know — the most frightening position of all. … Trump is not our champion. He would stab any one of his supporters in the back if it earned him a cent more in his pocket. … No matter how many times he repeats it, Trump would not be the “best” at being a president, being in shape, fighting terrorism, selling steaks, and whatever other “best” claim he has made in the last 15 minutes.

He would be the best at something, though. He is the best at looking out for Donald Trump — at all costs.

Don’t let our country pay that price.




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