Trump Boasts: ‘ I Got Great Reviews From Everybody’


We are not surprised that President Donald Trump started his first cabinet meeting of the year by bragging about  allowing the media to broadcast his bipartisan immigration negotiations, which gained rare praise from his critics…and rare criticism from his base. So Trump focused on his enemies saying he didn’t entirely screw up:


“It was a tremendous meeting, actually. It was reported as incredibly good, and my performance…got great reviews from everybody other than two networks who were phenomenal for about two hours. Then after that they were called by their bosses who said “oh, wait a minute” and unfortunately, a lot of those anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed.”

He then went on, saying that the media will support him in 2020 because they’ll want to keep their ratings up. It’s another weird instance of Trump accidentally admitting his faults. He’s unhinged, unintelligent, and reckless—and he just said that if the media wants to keep covering his crazy, they’ll have to support him.



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