Trump finally got defeated in his handshake game


President Donald Trump has at last met his match, in any event with regards to odd handshakes.

Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon gave Trump a taste of his own medicine with an ungracefully long welcome in Saudi Arabia throughout the end of the week.

Trump met Rahmon on Sunday at the Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh and the Tajikistan president subjected Trump to a great degree long handshake before the cameras. So extraordinary was the hold, it made Trump’s arm squirm as though it was made of rubber.

Trump’s handshakes have pulled in worldwide consideration for their unseemly length and in addition his inclination to yank the other individual’s hand towards him, leaving numerous world leaders in an ungainly, never-ending handshake in full glare of the media.

The jury is still out on whether Trump has basically neglected to ace the specialty of the handshake, or whether he’s employing some kind of mind game with his co-leaders.

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