Trump Judicial Nominee Referred To Illegal Immigrants As ‘Maggots’


According to  Hill and Slate Magazine , President Donald Trump’s nominee for a U.S. District Court position in Eastern District Court of Texas , Michael Truncale once used dehumanizing language to describe illegal immigrants, referring to them as “maggots.”.


In a story broken by the legal blog The Vetting Room, Truncale can be seen in a video sitting across from an interlocutor answering a question about Texan borders. The title of the video, “CD14,” may refer to the 14th Congressional district of Texas, where Truncale ran for a seat as a representative in 2012. The video was uploaded to Youtube in May of the same year. Trump’s nominee, echoing some of the president’s campaign rhetoric, said:

“We have drugs, we have illegal gangs, there is the possibility of bombs from a host of other countries and people from overseas and we must secure that border. I think we should do it with boots on the ground. As a citizen taxpayer, I think that we should take some of the equipment that is coming back from Iraq that citizens have already paid for and instead of sending it to some warehouse in Nebraska or some place, let’s get it to the border patrol.”

Truncale’s statement would have already struck some audiences as controversial, as he suggests using military equipment to deter illegal immigration. He seals his fate when he says a few sentences later, rather quickly, that Texas must “not continue to have the maggots coming in.”



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