Trump Just Said He Will Run Again In 2020, His Campaign Manager Is A Shock


While most Americans are praying for President Donald Trump to leave before his term ends, he is already talking about running in 2020. The 2020 Presidential Election is still almost 1000 days away, but Trump has already started campaigning, asking supporters to contribute money several times a week in often divisive and race-baiting e-mails. But now he’s made it official, as he just named his 2020 campaign manager, his 2016 campaign’s digital director Brad Parscale.









After the election, Parscale helped launch America First Policies, promoting Trump’s White Nationalist agenda from outside the White House.

‘The advanced planning for the 2020 race begins,’ Trump’s reelection campaign said as it announced the decision.

According to a statement released by the Trump campaign, “In addition to focusing on building its infrastructure for the 2020 race, the Trump Campaign will be engaged in the 2018 midterm elections this year, providing candidates with general support, endorsements, and rallying the support of the political grassroots by engaging Trump supporters in districts and states.”

“Brad is an amazing talent and was pivotal to our success in 2016. He has our family’s complete trust and is the perfect person to be at the helm of the campaign,” Eric Trump said.

Parscale helped shape the 2016 campaign with one exchange that Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie wrote about in the book Let Trump Be Trump, as Axios reports:

Early on in his time with us on the campaign, [digital director]Brad Parscale went to Mr. Trump and Jared [Kushner] and made this analogy: Imagine, he said, two television screens. The one on the left is a commercial for a new personal music device. The device is open so you can see its inner workings. It is a marvel of engineering. You can also see how sleek it looks on the outside, and the gold plating where you plug in the headphones.

The scene on the right has only a silhouette of a woman with long, curly hair dancing while listening to the device. The tagline is, “iPod, this is how it’s going to make you feel.”

Brad was new to politics. … But he had been in the Web design business for many years, and he knew what sold and what didn’t.

“The people want to know how it makes them feel,” he said. “They want to buy the dance.”

If Donald Trump was Twitter, then Hillary Clinton was LinkedIn. Her online presence was filled with long descriptions of stances and policies. … She was the television screen on the left. But people … didn’t want a scripted intellectual connection. They wanted a visceral one. … Trump … made them dance.

Now Parscale is going to help Trump make alt-right bigots dance for another election cycle.




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