Trump Marks Easter by Bragging About His Electoral College Victory


President and professional toddler Donald Trump had a temper tantrum on Twitter about protesters demanding that he release his tax returns. His motorcade had to take a detour yesterday to avoid exposing the thin-skinned president to the sight of protests.

Trump was on his way back to his Mar-a-Lago estate after a day spent golfing at a Trump golf club when his motorcade had to take a detour to avoid the demonstrations. Protesters were holding signs saying, “Show Me the Money,” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Czar.”

Following the incident, Trump took to Twitter to whine about it and, yes, you guessed it right, brag about his electoral college victory.
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This was particularly unstatesmanlike given the fact that it’s Easter, and millions of Christians across the country are celebrating the holiday in a meaningful way — while their commander-in-chief is melting down again over a slight blow to his ego.

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