Trump National Security Pick Monica Crowley’s Book No Longer For Sale Over Plagiarism



Crowley was picked by President-elect Donald Trump to serve as senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council. CNN’s KFile reported Saturday that Crowley’s 2012 book, “What The (Bleep) Just Happened,” lifted work from columnists, news reports, articles, and think tanks.

 “The book, which has reached the end of its natural sales cycle, will no longer be offered for purchase until such time as the author has the opportunity to source and revise the material,” HarperCollins said in a statement to CNN’s KFile.

A request for comment from the Trump transition team was not immediately returned. A spokesperson for the Trump transition team told CNN’s KFile Saturday when the initial report was published that they were standing by Crowley.

“HarperCollins—one of the largest and most respected publishers in the world—published her book which has become a national best-seller. Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country,” the spokesperson said.

Crowley’s work has come under scrutiny since CNN’s initial investigation into her book on Saturday. Politico Magazine reported Monday that Crowley plagiarized parts of her Ph.D. dissertation for Columbia University.

Read in full CNN: HarperCollins pulls Trump pick Monica Crowley’s book amid plagiarism revelations


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