Trump retains assets worth at least $1.4 billion, new investigation shows



President Trump disclosed another money related report that his far-flung land and lodging resources are worth $1.4 billion, a stark representation of the complex financial interest he has kept up in the White House.

The report, which the president deliberately recorded with the Office of Government Ethics, demonstrates that he gathered a deluge of new income from foreign arrangements and a surge of business at his mark Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.

Before the elections, he asserted he was worth more than $10 billion, despite the fact that his total assets is difficult to compute from his money related exposures, and he has not given any confirmation to back that up. The White House did not put forth any comments about his total assets when his filing was posted Friday by the ethics office.

The report does not oblige authorities to report their correct income, tax rate or beneficent giving — not at all like a tax return, which the president has declined to discharge, breaking with past custom.


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