Trump Spent Another Weekend Golfing On YOUR Dime


President and serial vacationer Donald Trump has spent yet another weekend in his gaudy Florida club Mar-a-Lago, or as he nauseatingly likes to call it, the “Winter White House.” (Although now that spring is around the corner, he’s switched to calling it “Southern White House.” We don’t know which is more vomit-inducing.)

According to ThinkProgress, Trump had spent approximately $10 million on travel by mid-February (approximately a month into his presidency), whereas his predecessor President Barack Obama had spent $12 million per year.

According to calculations done by Quartz,

Including this coming weekend, Trump will have taken five trips to Mar-a-Lago since becoming president, for a grand total of about $16.5 million.
Meals on Wheels could feed 5,967 seniors for a year for that amount. After school programs could feed 114,583 poor children for a year for the same amount.

Trump’s frequent visits to Florida are concerning just on the basis of the huge costs, security issues, and conflicts of interest (to start with, he spends the time at his own estate and golf club, hosting world leaders and gaining tremendous exposure for the family business).

What’s even more concerning, however, is that Trump seems to spend an awful lot of his time there just golfing, and not working on policy, as the administration likes to claim.


He also cancelled a meeting that he’d said would take place at Mar-a-Lago on Friday. In that meeting, Trump would presumably have discussed issues concerning veterans. But in an embarrassing moment caught on video, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin seems to have no knowledge of the impending, super important meeting (maybe because it was made up in that moment by Trump):


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