Trump Supporters Say They Are Okay With Trump’s Lying Because He’s ‘Their Guy’


Joe Walsh is a conservative radio host, who has expressed his frustration with President Donald Trump supporters who are happy to accept the president’s endless lies.










He said it is “pretty damn sad” that many of his listeners and callers accept the president’s “lying” because he is “their guy.

He tweeted writing: “On my radio show earlier this [week], I asked Trump supporters if they were ok with Trump lying so much. I told them that I wasn’t. The consensus? The vast majority of callers said they’re ok with all Trump’s lying because he’s ‘their guy.’ Their response left me pretty damn sad.”

In September 2017, Walsh went after the president for saying he would work with Democrats to protect dreamers. Of course, Trump later backed out of a deal with Democrats, leaving Dreamers in limbo.

Walsh tweeted September 2017 writing, “No wall. DACA enshrined. Trump didn’t make a deal w Chuck and Nancy.

Walsh also criticized the president when he did not condemn Russia for its attack on the United States presidential election in 2016. He tweeted his criticism after 13 Russians were indicted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

Walsh wrote on Twitter: “54 hours later, and this President STILL hasn’t condemned Russia. It sucks having a President who doesn’t give a damn that Russia attacked us.”


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