Trump’s Approval Ratings Have TANKED, Guess What Did It?


A poll commissioned by Trump favorite Fox News has revealed that the president’s approval ratings remain in negative territory.

President Donald Trump continues to reap the benefits of the Obama administration’s extremely successful economic policy, which might explain why 47% of respondents approve of Trump’s handling of the economy so far, while 44% disapprove.

Voter disapproval, however, is strong regarding other issues.

Only 41% approve of Trump’s immigration policies, with 56% disapproving. Thanks to the steaming pile of crap that is the recently unveiled GOP health care bill, only 35% of respondents approve of Trump’s handling of health care (vs. 55% who disapprove. And unsurprisingly, only 33% approve of the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia, vs. 55% who outright disapprove.

The majority, or 54% of respondents disapprove of Trump’s new travel ban, and only 34% believe it will make America safer.

Only 16% of voters approve of Trump’s tweeting, while 50% completely disapprove and 32% “wish he’d be more careful.”

His overall approval rating is down to 43%, while 51% disapprove of his performance.

It must really kill Trump that Obama was way more popular, even early on in his presidency. According to Fox News:

“At a similar point in President Obama’s first term, 63% approved of his job performance and a 64% majority had confidence he would bring positive change (February/March 2009). A notable difference is that only a third as many Democrats (10%) have confidence in Trump now as Republicans had in Obama then (31%).

So there you have it: What makes Trump very unpopular is, predictably, his immigration policy, health care bill, and his cozy relationship with Russia — and he really, really needs to step away from Twitter if he’d like to salvage his approval ratings.


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