Trump’s ‘Big, Beautiful Wall’: Here’s What It’ll Look Like


The wait is over. We now have a definitive idea what Pres. Donald Trump’s “big, beautiful wall” will look like.

Customs and Border Protection made public the specs for the proposed border fence along the Mexican border. CBP is an agency within Homeland Security that will oversee the project as well as patrol the wall when it’s built.

Trump’s brainchild and complete waste of taxpayer money should be 30 feet tall (although the government will settle for 18 feet), and constructed so that it endures at least 30 minutes (but ideally four hours) of attempts to cut through it with a “sledgehammer, car jack, pick axe, chisel, battery operated impact tools, battery operated cutting tools, Oxy/acetylene torch or other similar handheld tools.”

The side of the wall facing the U.S. should be “aesthetically pleasing in color” and “consistent with general surrounding environment.” No specifications were provided for the side facing Mexico.

Apparently, more than 400 companies have expressed interest in building this monstrosity. They are asked to present 30-foot-long samples for CBP to analyze. The deadline is March 29.

Mr Trump has bragged in recent days the wall is ahead of schedule.

According to a recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the wall could end up costing the U.S. taxpayer $40 billion.


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