WATCH: Trump’s Budget Chief Goes After Meals on Wheels, This Is UNBELIEVABLE!


White House Budget Director and certified scrooge Mick Mulvaney went after programs that help the most vulnerable: children and the elderly. At a press conference earlier today, an ice cold Mulvaney said Meals on Wheels and after-school programs “don’t show results.”

He then called cutting funding for programs like Meals on Wheels and HeadStart, I kid you not, “compassionate”:

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked: “Just to follow-up on that, you were talking about the steel worker in Ohio, coal worker in Pennsylvania, but they may have an elderly mother who depends on the Meals on Wheels program or who may have kids in Head Start. … You described this as a hard-power budget. Is it also a hard-hearted budget?”
Mulvaney then replied: “No, I don’t think so. I think it’s probably one of the most compassionate things we can do.”

Except no, this is the opposite of compassionate, and yes, these programs do work. After-school programs are invaluable, and Meals on Wheels has a proven positive impact:


Meals on Wheels said in a statement released today:

At a time when increased funding is needed, we fear that the millions of seniors who rely on us every day for a nutritious meal, safety check and visit from a volunteer will be left behind.

This successful public-private partnership, for which every federal dollar is matched with about three dollars from other sources, enables at-risk seniors to stay out of more expensive healthcare settings and remain more healthy, safe and independent in their own homes, where they want to be. After all, we can provide a senior with Meals on Wheels for an entire year for roughly the same cost of an average one-day stay in the hospital or ten days in a nursing home.


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