Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Says It’s Her Job To ‘Take Care’ of TRUMP’S SOUL


President Donald Trump is not leaving the scandal zone anytime soon.  He has been embroiled in extramarital affairs, lies and relentless infidelity embarrassment since he became the president.


However, Paula White, Trump’s longtime spiritual adviser is not giving up on him.

She has revealed that  she is “taking care” of the president’s soul, according to White’s husband, Jonathan Cain, in an interview with the Tennessean.

Cain explained his wife’s role, saying, “We have to understand that Paula’s there to minister to the president and to pray over him. She’s the one he trusts for prayer and she prays over him, and she brings mighty men of God to pray. Who are we to say the president doesn’t need prayer?”

“She’s been called upon, I believe, good or bad. She’s been called by the kingdom to serve,” he said. He continued, “She is letting grace in the door in Washington and I’ve seen it, uttering the name of Jesus Christ on the mall of Washington. It’s amazing.” He said, “Paula’s in there doing the best she can do and taking care of his soul,” which sounds like one of the more daunting tasks in the White House.

Cain was specific about  the state of his soul. “Not his politics, not his rhetoric — his soul. If he leans on her for that, that’s a good thing, that is a really good thing. She brings prayer into the White House. I think it’s remarkable. I applaud her tenacity, and it hasn’t been easy watching her get yanked around by the swamp, and yet she prevails. She’ll overcome. I stay in my lane on that one.”

Then about advising Trump, Cain said, “That’s what makes me crazy. Let’s not judge. Why are we the ones throwing the stones? This is our president and with his faults, with his mistakes, with the things he says, he is our president. We are to honor the authority of our leaders, we are to honor those leaders. They’ve been chosen by God.”



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