Twitter Erupts After Fox News Airs Bizarre Ad for ‘Trumpy Bear’: ‘It’s the Next Chucky Doll’


Twitter erupted after Fox News aired a campy commercial for a stuffed teddy bear that resembles President Donald Trump.


The toy, called Trumpy Bear, features Trump’s trademark blonde comb-over, a collar and red tie, as well as a secret pocket with an American flag blanket tucked inside.

A spokesperson for Fox News told HuffPost the commercial is a local ad and the network does “not do business with them nationally.”

Nevertheless, the stuffed toy has made a national splash, with Twitter users across the country poking fun of Trumpy Bear, its ad — and its namesake.

“Democracy dies in a trumpy Bear ad,” wrote one user.

“Trumpy Bear is the next Chucky Doll,” tweeted another.

“Trumpy Bear will be indicted before the end of the week,” read another message.


But the website Snopes fact-checked the bear’s existence and reported: “Trumpy Bear is real. The commercial is real, not a spoof (although some moments appear to have been written with tongue firmly in cheek). And the bear itself is a real product available for purchase.”


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