Very Important Reason Why Sasha Obama Wasn’t at Her Dad’s Final Speech


Sasha Obama, the younger of President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama‘s two daughters, was noticeably absent in Chicago during her father’s farewell address on January 10. Many took to Twitter to wonder where Sasha, who is still in high school, could be. A White House official confirmed to CBS News that she has an exam on Wednesday.


Mark Knoller, CBS News White House Correspondent, said a White House official informed him she stayed in Washington.

“Where was Sasha? WH Official says she stayed back in DC tonight because she has an exam at school tomorrow morning,” Knoller said.

The outgoing First Lady put her arm around her 18-year-old daughter Malia as her husband delivered his speech.

“Malia,” Mr Obama said, gesturing to his eldest daughter, “And Sasha, under the strangest of circumstances, you have become two amazing young women.”

Sasha is a student at Sidwell Friends, a private school in Washington which was attended by Chelsea Clinton, Tricia Nixon Cox, and Archibald Roosevelt. Sasha was the youngest child to live in the White House since John F Kennedy entered it as a young boy in 1961.


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