Video Surfaces Of Trump And His Lying Kids, See How Incredibly AWKWARD They Are! [WATCH]


We have brought out an embarrassing video of President Donald Trump from Howard Stern’s archive. This newly unearthed 2006 video gives a wonderfully ridiculous moment in the Trumps’ media history. Their oldest foe: math.


Stern had asked them if Trump bought enrollment into the Wharton School of Business, Trump’s alma mater. The video starts with Don Jr. saying that he knows people whose parents donated to Wharton but still weren’t accepted. According to Don Jr., “He couldn’t buy our way in, even if he wanted to.”

To test their educational prowess, Stern gives them a math problem: “Okay, I’m gonna ask you a really tough question, Wharton School of Business. What’s seventeen times six?”

Stern snaps his fingers, and things get awkward.

Don Jr., nervously laughing, guesses “96? 94?”

Ivanka just avoids working with numbers altogether, saying “that’s not a practical application, though.” Because math never comes up in business.

And then—in all seriousness, Trump answers “It’s eleven twelve.”




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