Viral Photo Shows Newly Elected Congresswoman’s Daughter, 4, Playing at Her Feet During Speech


Fifty-six years ago, a  picture of JFK Jr. peeking through his father’s Desk in the Oval Office while then-President John F. Kennedy went viral and now there is a new picture, which shows the 4-year-old daughter of newly-elected Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger playing at her mom’s feet during her victory speech, is being hailed on social media as an inspiring show of “the strength of a woman.”

One moved mom on Twitter wrote, “Love this! I brought my kids to two work events this week. At #WLGH18 now, where the mom of a chatty baby is being helped by a village of colleagues who’ve been there. Inspired by @SpanbergerVA07 victory speech with her daughter at the podium. #workingmoms #rolemodels #newnormal.”

“The strength of a woman is simply miraculous!!! Congresswoman Elect Abigail Spanberger rocking motherhood while giving her victory speech!” wrote one Twitter user.

“Looks like the future!” added another.

“Women do it best!” commented a third.

At another point in her victory speech, Spanberger picked up her young daughter and held her in one arm as while addressing the crowd.

Spanberger is the first woman to represent the district in Congress and the first Democrat to do so in 1968, according to local outlet WTVR.

Spanberger’s photo also captured hearts because of the obviously close relationship she has with little Catherine. Not to mention, the Democrat’s race against Republican incumbent Dave Brat to represent Virginia’s 7th district, which includes parts of Richmond, was extremely tight — so fans found it inspirational that her family stood

According to Vox.com, Spanberger is a former CIA operative, who campaigned on a public option for health care, and against Medicare-for-all, opposition sanctuary cities and diligent fiscal responsibility. Her moderate positioning appealed to centrist voters who don’t feel aligned with President Donald Trump.

“We won an unwinnable district by doing exactly what every campaign should do. We focused on the needs of the people, the voters,” Spanberger said in her victory speech, as captured on Facebook. “It is my profound honor to be standing here tonight, and I am committed to bringing you the kind of responsive and accountable leadership you deserve.”


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