Virginia Restaurant Owner Tells Maxine Waters, ‘Shut Your Biga Fat Lips’ And ‘Go Back To Africa’ (VIDEO)


Judy Maxie is the owner of  Caddy’s Restaurant in Chesterfield, VA, who posted a racist Facebook post that attacked Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA).


Maxie is under attack for this post that she forced her to delete her Facebook account, not before her post went viral.

The post reads:  “Maxine Waters, shut your your [sic]big fat lips, no one wants to hear your rasium [sic]remarks…Go back to Africa where youre [sic]from.”












It did not take long for people to call Maxie out for her clearly racist and hateful post. One person replied, “Since I’m black and we should go back to Africa, I’m probably not welcomed here.” Deon Hamner has eaten at Caddy’s before but thinks Maxie’s comments will keep him and others from dining at the restaurant. He said, “To hear anyone talking about sending somebody back to Africa is very upsetting. Just in the fact that we all come from different places, that’s what makes America great.” Hamner continued, “If you want to alienate your business by blocking out a group of people, then good luck to you.”

Before she took her Facebook page down, a look back through her posts found that this was not Maxie’s first racist comment. She once posted, “I am not a rasist [sic], I believe every home should have a color TV.”

Another read, “‘I’m proud to be white’ I bet no one passes this on because they are scared of be [sic]called a racist.”

She also shared a post standing in solidarity with Roseanne Barr after her sitcom, Roseanne, was cancelled. The show was axed after Barr’s own exceptionally racist tweet.

Maxie responded to criticism from one person on FB writing,  “Sorry. If everybody else can speak what they think, I can too. It is a country that we have freedom of speech and I use [mine]quite often.” She later asked to be excused for her “temper” and said “I love everyone.”

As for Deon Hamner, he says he will not return to Caddy’s “unless it has new ownership.”


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