WATCH: Alex Jones Says Sasha and Malia ‘Aren’t Even Obama’s Kids,’ This is UNREAL Even for Him!


InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones sat down today with fellow certified lunatic Mike Cernovich to peddle some fresh craziness about the Obama family. While Jones has said some insane and offensive stuff on his eponymous show, this one really seems to stand out.

As part of the crazy Right’s continued obsession with Barack Obama, who is no longer in any sort of position of power, the two started off by discussing Obama’s extended holiday in French Polynesia. Obama is reportedly staying in the Pacific in order to focus on writing his new book. Jones, however, suggested it’s because the island territory has no extradition agreement with the United States.

The mentally unhinged duo then riffed on Arab Spring conspiracy theories (Obama came up with it and funded the whole thing) for a while, before moving on to a truly vile back and forth about the Obama daughters.

Cernovich called Obama “an absentee father” who has “completely abandoned his daughter who is making her rounds through the New York party scene.”

Jones added that Malia Obama has been seen “shaking her ass on TV,” before adding, “The word is, those aren’t even his kids.”



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