WATCH: Bernie Sanders Was in Coal Country, GUESS WHAT This Trump Voter Told Him


A West Virginia coal miner who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election said at a town hall meeting that he agreed with Sen. Bernie Sanders on universal health care.

To applause and cheers from the crowd, Philip Lucion, a coal miner from McDowell County, West Virgina said, “I think we need hospitalization, every coal miner does, to take care of what happens to you underground because that’s a harsh environment.”

Agreeing with Sanders, Lucion later added: “I think every American citizen should have health care.”

McDowell County is among the nation’s poorest. According to a U.S. Census American Community Survey quoted on Sen. Sanders’ Senate website, “more than half of McDowell County households have incomes below $25,000. … One in three families in McDowell are living in poverty, including … more than 60 percent of those with children under five.”

Life expectancy for men in McDowell County is just 64 years — the same as life expectancy for men in the African nation of Namibia.


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