WATCH: Disappointed Trump Voter Says ‘It’s Been a DISASTER!’


As Donald Trump nears a milestone of 100 days as president, more and more of his supporters are turning away from him. His approval rating is the lowest of any U.S. president of the modern era at this point in the presidency.

CNN put together a panel of Trump supporters to review the president’ first 100 days, and they gave mixed responses. While some on the panel chose to remain delusional, Scott McCommons said he regretted voting for Trump.

I expected him to work a little harder [on health care]. Be a little more reasonable instead of threatening people. That’s unpresidential. I voted to send him to Washington strictly because I thought he would make change, nobody would push him around. He’s used his power against people, I think that’s wrong — it’s been a disaster, I think, in the first 100 days.

McCommons is certainly not alone in thinking that. According to an ABC/Washington Post poll, 42% of respondents approve of Trump’s performance, while 53% disapproved. Meanwhile, 40% of respondents in an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll said they approved of Trump, and 54% saying they disapproved.


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