Watch: Queen Elizabeth Shoo President Trump Out Of The Way After He Breaks Protocol THREE TIMES


President Donald Trump had a dramatic time in the United Kingdom: The protests, his speeches and his blunders.


When Trump visited Buckingham Palace, where he was  supposed to be treated to a state dinner, the Queen invited Melania Trump and her husband to tea.

Trump did not bow to the Queen, choosing to shake her hand instead.  Trump also broke with Royal etiquette when accompanying The Queen on a short walk inspecting the guard. President Trump can be seen walking ahead of The Queen as they inspect the guard. He can then be seen looking from side to side for The Queen. The Queen catches up with President Trump and walks alongside him on his right-hand side.

When the president realizes that The Queen was not next to him, he stopped to allow her to catch up. It is considered rude and improper to turn one’s back to The Queen. Richard Fitzwilliams is a royal correspondent. He said, “It was inappropriate behaviour”.

The President looked out of step with the official choreography – causing the Queen to point tentatively and ask him to move to the left.

Trump broke royal protocol THREE TIMES.

  1. Trump kept the Queen waiting for more than 10 minutes for the arrival of the black Range Rover used to transport him and his wife Melania to Windsor Castle.
  2. At one point Trump marched in front of the Queen while they inspected the guard of honor.
  3. Trump didn’t bow to the Queen, and Melania didn’t curtsey.

The president and first lady shared afternoon tea with The Queen in private. Grant Harrold is a former Royal Butler. He discussed how the Queen might signal to Trump when it is time for him to go. He explained:

“Even, an example, an investiture, when people go to receive that. The way that is done obviously so you don’t overrun. The way she offers her hand, and you take the Queen’s hand and she gives you a very gently push. That’s how you know you know your time is up. That is not going to happen here but the Queen very good at running the conversation down and making sure that he is escorted off the property.”




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