Wife Of Delivery Man Detained By ICE Fights Tirelessly To Free Her Husband


A delivery man is facing deportation and his wife, an American citizen is fighting tirelessly to free him.


Pablo Villavicencio, an Ecuadorian immigrant was arrested while making a pizza delivery to the Fort Hamilton military base in Brooklyn.

He had  showed his IDNYC, a free government-issued ID card that all New Yorkers can apply for regardless of immigration status, to gain access to the base. The guard asked for further identification, and when Villavicencio couldn’t provide any, someone at the base called ICE, according to New York City Councilman Justin Brannan.

“We’re still trying to figure out what happened,” said Brannan. “Pablo has personally delivered to the army base in the past without incident. He used his NYC ID, his municipal ID, to gain access to the base in the past, that’s what he did this time.”

A statement from the Fort Hamilton base says Villavicencio agreed to a background check, which turned up an active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant. That warrant led to his detention.

Justin Brannan said “I’ve just learned that the military police at Fort Hamilton Army Base in my district detained and turned over to ICE a pizza delivery man last week. I am working feverishly to get more information and will share ASAP”

Brannan said that according to Villavicencio’s wife Sandra Chica, he is currently being held in an ICE facility in New Jersey where he is awaiting deportation.

“We’ve got a family that’s being torn apart and they’re fighting to see if there’s any recourse,” he said.

At a press conference Wednesday, Chica, said she and Villavicencio married five years ago and now have two daughters, ages 2 and 3. She said they began applying for a green card for Villavicencio in February, which is still pending.

“It’s cruel that they’re going to separate my daughters from him,” she said. “Now I’m going to be by myself, alone with two kids.”



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