Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Multitasks As She Breastfeeds in Campaign Ad


On the list of reasons why we need more female politicians: they know how to multitask.

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Kelda Roys has proven than she can do more as she mettle other skills in a new campaign ad, where she effortlessly breastfeeds her infant daughter while talking about her work to make baby bottles and sippy cups BPA-free.

Roys is running as a Democrat in the hopes of unseating the state’s controversial Republican governor Scott Walker, who was first elected in 2010. During her time in the state assembly, Roys went door-to-door to advocate for eliminating BPA in Wisconsin, and in the ad, she tells the story of another busy mom she met along the way.

“A woman opens the door and I hand her my legislative update, and she grabs it and slams the door and runs back to deal with whatever her kids are yelling about,” Roys recalls, while her daughter starts to cry in her husband’s arms. “I’m off to the next house, already up the driveway, and I hear her calling after me, and she said, ‘I just heard that you’re working on the BPA-Free Kids Act.’ ”

“And I start to tell her, ‘Bisphenol A is a neurotoxin…’ and she said ‘Yes I know I know I know. Our daughter’s had some problems, and the doctor said it’s because she was exposed to BPA. It really means so much to me that you’re taking this issue to heart.’ ”

“That’s what’s wrong with politics today,” she adds. “Are we taking our orders from people? Or are we taking them chemical corporations that don’t care at all about what people need?”

Roys says she wants to work for the people of Wisconsin.

“Government should be about helping every person achieve his or her potential, and Wisconsin used to do it so well,” she says. “Democracy only works when we all get involved.”



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