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From crazy fashion to crazy hairstyles, The 80’s was a very cool era. During that time, so much iconic shows and movies were produced. And even if film technology wasn’t as advanced as it is these days, the actors made us fall in love with each, and every story showed. While most of the stars from that era just disappeared after their acting breakthrough, some are still taking their career up a notch until this day. Let’s take a look at the most famous celebrities of the 80’s and see who skyrocketed to success and those who plummeted down the path of failure and misery.

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1. Lisa Whelchel

1-lwYou may know Lisa Whelchel because of her appearances on The New Mickey Mouse Club and Survivor: The Philippines. Her divorce was probably the saddest part of her life, but nonetheless, she is living a very peaceful and happy life. Today, she focuses on Motivational Speaking and shares her wisdom on prayer, parenting, and life.

2. Rob Lowe

2-rlOne of the hottest heartthrobs of his generation, Rob Lowe was made popular by his roles in Thursday’s ChildThe Outsiders, and The West Wing. He was once involved in a private tape scandal with a minor which later badly affected his image and career. He has written a book entitled “Love Life” where he talks about his alcoholism. Today, he is completely sober and is back to pursuing his career in show business.

3. Cyndi Lauper

3-clCindy Lauper was one of the most iconic singers of the 80’s. She caught everyone’s attention with her catchy songs and distinct fashion choices. When her career slowed down in the 90’s, Lauper ventured turned into Broadway and later won a number of awards for her performances. She’s still pursuing Broadway and is a very remarkable LGBT Rights Supporter.


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